Death Midwifery:

~Sessions and Rituals for Death (Symbolic and Life/Death Transitioning)

~Symbolic Death Sessions and Rituals are perfect for transitioning times, releasing grief and trauma, endings and letting situations, people, beliefs, patterns go from your life

~Death Midwifery is assisting an individual who is unwell, in process of passing or strongly desiring to prepare the soul for transition.

The following are examples how I can be of service:

*sessions and rituals preparing for death and after death

*preparation for passing over including but not limited to elevating energy fields, clearing past life karma, cutting cords, healing traumas/ancestral wounding, doing forgiveness work, setting intentions, connecting with one’s soul and guardians/guides/angels/highest healed ancestors for assistance, coming to peaceful resolution about passing over process, guidance and processing emotions….these modalities allow for deep healing to be done for the soul preparing to pass and the family left behind, easier transition into higher realms, releasing wounding to not incarnate with it into next lifetime, etc.

*assisting soul during and after transition into death/afterlife

*emotional, energetic, spiritual support and guidance for individuals and families

~Prices vary depending upon needs. please contact to discuss.

Shakti Oracular Priestessing:

~Sessions and Rituals for seasoned clients who have done deep healing and awakening work with Heather in order to take it to the next level of manifestation, awakening and creating.

~I serve as an Oracle and Channel moving ancient priestessing, awakening work honoring my lineage of temple priestesses and the Divine Sacred Feminine

~Possibilities of this sacred work:

*Intimate, ancient healing and activating

*releasing/healing sexual traumas/blocks/resistance

*sacred body/spirit/energy healing touch

*reawakening self as sensual, sexual and sacred

*embodiment/receiving of unconditional love

*activating Shakti

*energetic/physical release connecting with Divintiy/Source, release of energy as offering to self /Source/Guides/The Divine/manifestational work

*activating all parts of you to fully live and be and express

*learning to become a sensual, sexual Creatrix through being an embodied Priestess/Priest