What are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are all the information about every one in existence. It contains information of everything from this lifetime and other lifetimes. It can provide clarity and answers that your soul desires to know. You can discover your soul purpose, receive guidance on relationships, learn what past lives you have had and how they can affect you in this current lifetime and about anything else you can imagine. The records can clarify, assist and heal parts of your life in a deep, profound way. The records are protected and kept by a group of light beings in the 5th dimension. Heather goes into a deep meditation and astrally connects with these beings. They are a highly evolved, loving group of beings whose purpose is to remind us of our Divineness and connection to God Source.

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“During a difficult time in my life, H helped me clarify my purpose and direction. I felt lost and disillusioned; her reading gave me hope.” S.F.

                “The reading that H gave me was incredibly healing. It helped me put down things that I had been driving myself crazy about for years! I trust H completely with all things energetic.” Megan Baer, Spiritual Leader MPNAC

                “Heather’s Akashic reading is a powerful tool that helped me deepen my spiritual practices and find peace in my relationship to myself and my loved ones. She is a gifted healer and teacher, who I am forever grateful for.” R.M. Registered Nurse

                “Thank you H and your team of guides for shedding new light on my path. Practicing the wisdoms you shared from the reading will allow me to merge much more freely and balanced as I continue to walk my path.” A.V.

                “The reading confirmed everything I already knew in my soul.” N.B. Reiki Master