Sessions (In Person and Distant):

*EarthSky Shamanic Reiki Sessions :

Hands on energetic healing sessions including Usui, Karuna and Unlimited Reiki, Shamanic healing tools, spirit connection and channeling, removal cords and entities, reconnection of lost soul essence, DNA/Ancestral/Matrix clearings, activations and upgrades, plant/crystal medicines, past/parallel/future life and Akashic Record clearings and upgrades, sound healing, Wheels of Light and God Cell clearings and upgrades…bridging the ethereal realms with our human, Earthly experience to assist in our soul evolution, awakening and ascension

(*Wheels of Light and God Cell clearings are a healing modality that I incarnated with from my Star system origination home that I use in my healing work to do multidimensional and matrix clearings, healings and upgrades while rewriting the Akashic reality.)

*Shamanic Journey Sessions:

Deep Meditative journey to a live frame drum with purpose of finding and communicating with animal and plant totems, guides, guardians and angels as you travel to lower, middle and upper worlds

*Spiritual and Shamanic Guidance:

One on one discussion and guidance on any subject. My guidance is spiritual and shamanic in nature, nonjudgmental, feminist and empathic. I specialize in assisting empaths, lightworkers, healers, starseeds and Children of Light and their families learn how to understand their special gifts and challenges.

*Home/Office/Land Clearings and Blessings:

Clearing old energies and balancing/upgrading new and current energies, spirit and entity removal, angelic protection, healing traumas, intention setting, blessings using Reiki, Shamanic tools, channeling, sound healing, plant and crystal medicines

These sessions assist in deep healing, activating and transforming lives , manifesting , upgrading for the ascension and awakening of humankind, deep sense of peace and purpose, return to wholeness, clarity of truth and purpose, experiencing the Divine within and outside of self, clarity of soul mission and deeper self awareness.