Body and Spirit:

Wheels of Light: Shamanic Healing Sessions are unique sessions that are a blend of:

*intuitive, hands-on healing

*Reiki healing and symbols

*Wheels of Light healing system (clears and activates 'wheels' within the body that contain all information about the individual, their past lives, ancestral lineage and DNA)

*multidimensional clearings and activations

*empathic knowledge

*shamanic tools (smudging with sacred herbs to clear negative energies and enhance positive ones,breath work, removal of negative energetic cords and entities,drum and rattle work)

*channeled messages, guidance and healing energies

* spirit communication (includes but not limited to ancestors, angels, guardians, guides, Archangels, ascended masters, animal totems, faery realm beings and star beings)



What can these sessions do for you?

*Deep Healing in body, mind and spirit on all levels - spiritually, energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally

* Relieve stress, pain, and symptoms of chronic and acute illness (known to help with post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, Lupus, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Cancer, Fibromyalgia and back problems)

* Help regain a sense of peace and clarity in one's life; renewed motivation to be creative and productive

* Clear and balance chakras and auras, clear blockages from DNA, ancestral lineage and past lives

* Assist with the ascension process (transitioning from 3rd dimensional energies to 5th dimensional)

* Allow you to receive answers and messages from spirit realm to validate choices or give guidance 

*Opens you spiritually to EXPERIENCE the DIvine