Shakti Alchemical Magical Aromatherapy:

I tap into my past life knowledge of alchemy and magic and blend energies of Reiki, prayers, intentions and channeling of Divine angelic, guide, guardian, starseed and Ascended Master healing energies. I create a powerful, healing, manifestational medicine that not only smells amazing but is potent and life altering! Each blend recipe has been channeled and given to me from my higher self and guide team and offers very specific energies. The following is a list of all of my current offerings. Each can be made into a body/room spray or massage cream. Each is made with essential oils, magical flower and plant essences in either a base of holy water, rose water or a cream that consists of coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter lotion. Each recipe is secret and sacred. Please let me know if you have any oils that you are allergic to or do not like and I can inform you if the formula contains them. (Each sale is final sale. No returns on body care products.) Locally, sprays can be refilled for a reduced cost.

Ascend~Elevate energy fields, Awaken, Assist the ascension process

Love~Heals heart/heart chakra, Allows one to give, receive and accept unconditional love

Shaman~Clears negative energies/entities, Grounds, Protects, Activates Intuition

Priestess~Awaken as Sensual, Magical Oracle

Truth~Know your truth, Speak it, Have it heard and honored and respected

Shakti~Activate Sacred Feminine Self as Creatrix and sexual being

Clear Space~Smudging, Clears negative energies/entities, Blessed with Protection of Archangel Michael

Forgive~Ability to forgive, Trusting process, Acceptance

Karuna~Embody compassionate action, Blessed by Kuan Yin

Prosper~Abundance, Manifestational and Magical work

Mother Mary Nurture~Mothering, Nurturing, Soothing, Blessed by Mother Mary

Magick~Upgrade your manifestations

Tantra~Balance Sacred Feminine/Masculine, Energetic/Sexual Union

Ancient Ones Ancestral~Connect highest healed ancestors, guides, guardians, angels

Medicine Woman~Healer, Wisdom, Ancient knowledge

Immunity~Build immunity, Fight germs

Yeshua Magdalene/Heiros Gamos~Union of Sacred Feminine/Masculine

Shiva~Sacred masculine, create and Release

Empress~Magic, Power, Wealth

Queen~Reverence, Sovereignty, Royalty

Goddess~Supreme Divine Feminine Creatrix

Shakti Shiva~Balance Divine Feminine/Masculine, Divinity

Starseed~Connect Star Family, Activate Multidimensionality

Holy Water~High Vibrational, Clearing, Holy, Pure

Holy Wood~Palo Santo Holy Water, Clears negative energies/entities, Upgrades energetically

Personalized~Channeled, Medicine specifically for you