Distant Healing Sessions:

For those who do not live nearby, or for those who have family and friends who are not well and live at a distance,  I provide distant healing sessions. These sessions are very powerful and effective! Just like the Wheels of Light healing sessions the distant healing affects the person in the same way by helping to heal, restore and re-balance. 

What is a typical session like?

We have a one-hour consultation on the phone prior to the session for me to become acquainted with you and what your needs are. In the following days, I set intention and prayer for your specific needs by connecting with your guides and angels. At a later time, you will lie in meditation or sleep as I "work" on you from a distance at a predetermined day and time. I set my space and energetically clear it then "lie in" for you - that is, I use my body as representation of your own and do the healing session. This typically lasts an hour to two hours, depending on your needs. You typically will feel the energetic shifts in your body and will be deeply relaxed. Once the session is over, I ask you to contact me when you are ready to talk via phone and process your session. The phone conversation typically lasts an hour. In the meantime, I will send an email explaining what occurred during the session and any messages I may have received for you.