Usui, Karuna, Unlimited and Shamanic Reiki Trainings and Attunements:

I offer one on one and small group Reiki trainings. Reiki is a powerful but accessible healing modality for anyone that has the desire to assist in healing others and themselves.

Usui Reiki is divided into four levels. The first level informs the student of the history and purpose of Reiki with an attunement to heal on the physical level. The second level attunes the student with three powerful symbols to heal distantly, mentally and emotionally and blesses one with the power symbol for clearing and protection. As a teacher I decided to separate Master and Teacher level since not everyone desires to teach. Master level attunes the student to higher vibrational symbols that heal and upgrade on spiritual levels. Teacher level prepares the Reiki Master to teach and attune others.

Karuna Reiki is divided into three levels: 1, 2 and Master/Teacher. Karuna is the next step after Usui Master level has been reached. You are attuned to four healing symbols each for levels one and two and Master/Teacher allows one to teach and attune others. These symbols have been given to humanity for our healing, awakening and ascension and are blessed and associated with Kuan Yin, the Goddess/Ascended Master of Embodied Compassion Action and remover of humanity’s suffering.

Unlimited Reiki is a part of my personal lineage that is included within all of my Reiki trainings. This is the experience of the Divine channel of light from the Creator energies teaching you beyond historical training according to your own life path and soul purpose.

Shamanic Reiki is a blend of Reiki symbols and experience along side ancient shamanic tools of healing. This training can be offered once Usui and Karuna mastery has been achieved.