Home As Sacred Temple:

Our homes are the places where we go to rest, relax and renew; they are a sanctuary from our busy world. However, when our homes are in chaos - cluttered, unorganized, dirty or energetically blocked - it can affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, as well as our creativity to manifest the things we desire in our lives.

Our office spaces are where we go most days of the week and spend many hours there in order to produce abundance in our lives. Unfortunately, when our spaces are in chaos we are unable to efficiently manifest the prosperity and joy that we desire to create in our lives through our work.

My passion is to assist you in clearing, organizing, cleaning and energetically infusing your living and work spaces so that you can experience less stress, more joy and relaxation, and create all the things you desire in your life. Why are we choosing to live as slaves to our work? Why are we not enjoying our homes as sacred places to recharge? Let's shift the energy, so that you can love your life and your work in the world!

Services I offer:

Space Clearing using a combination of the following:

*sacred herbs, blessed waters and salts

*crystal-infused and aromatherapy sprays

*toning and sound clearing

*prayer and angelic assistance

*Reiki energy and symbols to clear negative energies and spirits and to replace them with positive and protective energies

De-cluttering, Organizing and Deep Cleaning

Feng Shui (Chinese system of energetic placement of items in home and office)

Wabi Sabi (Japanese intuitive placement)

Altar Building and Rituals