Divination and Oracle Readings 

Typically a 2-hour session intuitively guided by both of us to choose cards (which have been channeled from various entities) to give you guidance in your life, to answer specific questions and to give you validation about your choices. You will be amazed at the accuracy and at the themes that will develop and repeat during the reading. I have over 30 oracle sets to choose from. Readings are informative and very fun!

Shamanic Journey Sessions

Shamanic journey is a ritual that has been used throughout time all over the world by shamans and medicine people to produce altered states to travel within the spirit worlds to receive messages, find guidance and connect with personal guides and totems (animal, plant, earth, etc). These sessions are guided by the beat of a live frame drum that I will play for you. You will be in a meditative state and will "travel" to connect with your guides, OR you may choose for me to do the journey FOR you and come back with the messages that I receive, which would be done distantly.

Channeled Messages

Would you like me to connect with your personal guides, angels and guardians to see who they are? Would you like me to connect with ancestors who have passed over? Would you like to see if I can connect with any of your past lives? Would you like some personal guidance from the spirit realm-the Archangels, Ascended Master, Faeries, Star Beings, 'Mythical' Creatures, Animal totems? These sessions are done at a distance as well. We would have an hour consultation prior, then I would see what I could provide through personal channeling and at a later time share those messages with you.

Creative Expression Healing Sessions

There are many ways to use creativity in one's healing and exploratory processes. We will use various creative modalities to explore specific ares in your life that you are working on healing or manifesting. These sessions are a great addition to other kinds of healing work because you use other parts of your brain, work intuitively and are exploratory. Some examples of modalities used are collage, painting, expressive writing, poetry, prayer ties, intentional ritual art, drawing, nature art, aromatherapy creations... the possibilities are endless!

Spiritual and Shamanic Guidance/Wise Woman and Feminist-Based Guidance

This work is a great alternative or addition to traditional therapy - more like life coaching work. I am not a therapist nor am I a life coach yet, but I received a Masters in Women's Spirituality and with my life experience and healing knowledge, I combine all of this to gently, lovingly and openly guide you in your life decisions based on models that empower YOU to be your OWN healer and decision maker in your life. We look at how thought patterns, choices, health issues and discomforts, and negative energy forms; as well as how life experiences can negatively affect you. We can re-learn new ways of being in our lives that empower and balance us.

Life Transition Work/Personal Retreats/Group Retreats

This is personalized work that we choose together using various combinations of healing modalities to assist you during life's transitional moments. This work is perfect for those times in your life when you are healing specific issues, births, deaths, illness, divorces, marriages, rites of passages, endings and beginnings; when you want to completely shift all areas of your life. This is deeper work and used over an extended period of time, which means that you get a discount, as opposed to trying several things separately at the regular price (Please see rates).

Healing, Reiki-Infused, Aromatherapy Products

I create in my home in a ritualistic and healing manner various products for your body and home that assist you even further in your healing and self-care rituals. Aromatherapy (uses plant materials - usually essential oils - for the purpose of altering a person's mood, healing-health reasons and specific intentional energetic needs), crystal and energy-infused elixers, natural bases, oils and healing herbs are used to create these products. I prepare healing herbal slaves, smudging kits, aromatherapy healing sprays, body salt and sugar scrubs, aromatherapy oil blends, lip balms and massage oils that can be personalized to your own needs.

Workshops and Classes

I hold occasional workshops and women's circles on various topics. I will also personalize circles for your group's specific needs and desires - just ask me! Workshops, circles, camps and classes I have taught include:

*Female Shamanism

*Magical Aromatherapy

*Connecting with the Divine Feminine through Creative Expression

*Healing the Mother Wound

*Exploring the Goddess

*Spiritual Autobiography

*Art as Sacred Practice

*Altar Making

*2012 and Beyond-Ascension Process

*Taking Care of Ourselves

*Life as Sacred Ritual

*Healing Modalities

*Reiki for Caregivers and Parents

*Wise Woman Circle

*seasonal rituals

*Honoring our Ancestors and Guides

*Maiden Camp for young women 11 to 15

*True Nature Exploration art and nature camp for kids

I am open to exploring new genres and topics! I will also teach these classes on an individual basis as well-just ask.