All of my readings are channeled from a deep, meditative state. I connect with your higher self and guides and guardians to ask the questions that you would like clarity on for your life. I do these readings based on what is for your best and highest good and the current moment. I do not offer readings based on interpreting the future due to free will of yourself and others, however; guidance may be given to find clarity on future decisions. I offer a variety of individual types of readings, or I can combine them as well depending on your needs. All readings can be done distantly with an emailed reading. Only oracle/channeled/intuitive readings may be done in person.

*Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records hold all the information of everyone in existence. You may ask and receive clarity about anything your soul has or will experience including past lives, connections with other people, clarity on soul purpose, etc. Higher Vibrational Dimensional Beings answer my questions that you and I have prepared and then I email you a detailed reading. These readings can have profound effects on your healing and awakening.

*Oracle Card Readings

These readings are in person or distant. I have many oracle card sets that are potent and powerful. Oracle cards are messages that have been channeled through the author from various angels, ascended master, guides, guardians and beings of light. You may ask specific question for guidance or have a general reading to see what messages your soul needs to hear at the current time.

*Channeled and Intuitive Readings

I go into a meditative state and communicate with your higher self, guides, guardians and angels for answers to your questions and guidance. I also specialize in channeling personalized affirmations and rituals as well.