8 Week Personalized Shamanic and Creative Apprenticeships:

~Weekly 4 hour meeting for 8 consecutive weeks

~Each week includes an EarthSky Shamanic Reiki session (see sessions section), Spiritual Guidance and either a Shamanic or Creative Exploration/Project

~Each apprenticeship includes a Akashic/oracle/channeled/intuitive reading, smudging kit and a Shakti Alchemical Magical Aromatherapy product

~This time is focused on whatever your personal needs, goals and desire are. Examples of Possibilities are: Healing Self Worth, Becoming a Healer, Exploring Creative Avenues for Healing, Learning to Embody the Sacred Feminine, Restoration and Restorative Care, Soul Purpose and How to Fulfill it, Exploring what it means to walk a Shamanic or Spiritual Path

~A nonrefundable deposit of $260 holds your 8 consecutive weeks. Weekly payments of $150 for the entire 8 weeks in addition to deposit. This package is well worth over $2000 saving you around $600!

~Contact me to discuss if this would be an ideal fit for us to work together!