Body and Spirit:

Wheels of Light: Shamanic Healing Sessions are unique sessions that are a blend of intuitive hands on healing, Reiki healing and symbols, empathic knowledge,shamanic tools  (smudging with sacred herbs to clear negative  energies and enhance positive ones, breathwork, removal of negative energetic cords and entities,drum and rattle work), channeled messages and guidance and spirit communication (includes but not limited to ancestors, angels, guardians, guides, Archangels, ascended masters, animal totems, faery realm beings and star beings) and aromatherapy.

What can these sessions do for you?

*Relief of stress, pain, chronic illness symptoms (known to help with post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, Lupus, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Cancer, Fibromylagia, back problems)

*Regain sense of peace and clarity in one's life-motivation renewed to be creative and productive

*Clear and balance chakras and auras, clear blockages from DNA, ancestral lineage and past lives

*Assistance with the ascension process (transitioning from 3rd dimensional energies to 5th dimensional)

*Receive answers and messages from spirit realm to validate choices or give guidance