“From my first Reiki session with Heather Ann Ryland, I experienced a quantum leap in my peace of mind and ability to love and communicate with my fellow humans. No disrespect to the psychiatric approach which I started exactly 40 years ago which has helped me in my personal growth without question, but all that therapy only got me so far. I have had bi-weekly Reiki with Heather, and with every session, I find myself happier, much more outgoing (not a hermit anymore), and overwhelmed with gratitude to be alive and for those I love. I can not recommend her work highly enough. If you feel blocked, in a rut, stuck inside your head, or unable to let go of past traumatic experiences, check out her website! Eternal Love.” ~Catherine

“My experience on Heather's table was one of POWER. Several times consciousness left my body, shifting to other dimensions and universes. I felt a sense of soul retrieval layers deep, and in ways unexpected. Heather's gift is to create space and call up the Power of Spirit housed within the body, the energy, the entirety of one's being. Not only did she touch my body, she internally 'attuned' my being to the Truth of my soul - in present time. Her crystal work with my second chakra felt as though my womb was being massaged, loved from the inside out. She also brought through symbolism and messages at my 3rd and 4th chakras that spoke to a very deep place of transition in my life, creating a sense of peace, Grace and gentleness. It's been over 2 weeks, and I'm continuing to integrate the intensity and Power of our Work. “ ~Jacqueline (Sacred Touch Practitioner)

“ I had some very deep trauma that Heather helped me let go of. The energy was amazing and I felt very safe in her space and presence. Honestly I felt light and free for an entire year after that visit!” ~Amy

"My reiki sessions with Heather always bring a calmness to my body and a quiet reassurance to my mind." - Penny Alligood (Art Director) 

"Both of my sessions were incredibly helpful and even life-changing...They were completely different from one another, and both extremely magical....Both helped me move huge blocks of stuck energy and set me back on my Path... I am incredibly grateful to have access to such an amazing and gifted healer." - Martha Cook (Montessori Teacher and Reiki Master)

"I had my first Wheels of Light Healing session with Heather about a month ago. The session was amazing. I felt so peaceful and relaxed afterwards. Heather is a powerful intuitive. The messages she had for me were so healing and gave me peace that I am at the right place in my life, at the right time. I left feeling that I was on the right path. Sometimes the right thing to do is not the easiest. It was a relief to have confirmation." - Gigi Abdul-Samed, MD

"Heather is truly gifted. I am so grateful that she shares that gift with me to help me find balance in my life journey. The time and energy she gives to others is priceless (or invaluable, but I've always felt like sounds like the opposite of valuable instead of really really valuable) - I'm trying to say that I can't put a price on what you have shown me." - Dana Phillips (Student and Mom)

"My session gave me an opportuniy to reenforce what I was already thinking and feeling about myself and my environment! It boosted my confidence and self awareness!" - Timothy Schildknecht (Photographer and Artist)

"A friend recommended I go see Heather after having reached what seemed to be a dead end in all of the avenues of my life. I was essentially lost, standing in the middle if a 4 way stop and having no more confidence in my ability to choose the right path. From the moment I first met Heather the anxious energy that had been pulsing through me calmed. With each session I felt more connected and grounded to the person I knew I was supposed to be. It hasn't been an easy process but after years of traditional therapy I can honesty say that I wish I had met Heather sooner. I think my healing process would have been more serene and peace would have graced me a lot sooner. I truly cannot thank Heather enough for all of her help and guidance, her energies have radiated through my entire family and I finally feel like we are all headed in the right direction."-  Dana Phillips (Artist, Poet and Writer)

"I find each session with Heather to be a completely different experience. Her capacities for focused energy work to clear things from my body and spirit, gifted connection with many realms to bring in assistance to me, deep compassion, empathy and sharing of any information or messages afterward never cease to move me and amaze me. It is my understanding that she is equally as gifted in doing the same sacred work in one's home and hope one day to afford that as well. Namaste, Heather!"  -Beth Akin (Bio-Genesis Healer)

"Wow... this work is so powerful and beautiful. I came in heavy burdened and left with a air of everything's just as it should be. Calmer now. Thanks Heather!"  -Jen Berry (Massage Therapist)

"Heather uses a gift of powerful healing energy to clear blocks and balance chakras. It's some serious love and light mojo magic. I had no idea what to expect and I was totally blown away... and blissed out too! :} " -Jen Berry

"Heather is a very gifted healer!" -George Lord (Body Talk Practitioner)

"Heather you are very special, thank you for opening me up to the inner light, namaste sweety."  -Denis Issacs

"I always feel lighter after a session with heather. I leave with peace and clarity. Her gift is a blessing to all of us." -Whisper Laura Prince (Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner)

"Amazing session Heather, thanks so much. I highly recommend a Reiki session with Heather."  -Roseanne Hutchinson (Raw Food Chef)

"Reiki is an intense experience. She's good at what she does". -Sean Callahan (Professor)

"Every Wheels of Light session with Heather is something new and different, but always, always healing...body, mind and spirit. She is quite proficient, as well as gentle and loving."

"My very first session was incredible! I have lupus, along with a handful of other auto-immune disorders, and had not been doing well for some time. I didn't know what to expect, but I received such amazing instant relief from all the pain, as well as beginning healing from generational issues. I'd recommend Heather and Wheels of Light for anyone, no matter what their need. "-Jennifer Schildknecht (Artist, Reiki Master)

"A Wheels of Light session with Heather is an experience of deep healing, done in a safe and beautiful setting. " -Laurie Hart (Bio-Genesis Healer)


"Heather cleans & clears the womanspace office here in Athens, Ga. I so appreciate having such a thoughtful woman who understands energetic clearing in the space. It is so much more than a regular cleaning. It makes a huge difference! Thank you Heather for helping to keep the healing energy flowing at womansapce!" ~ Baraka Elihu (Counselor, Writer, Poetess and Women Circle Leader)

"Clearing clutter from my home has been difficult for me, and it has also led me to layers of emotional healing.  Heather has worked with me to help clear the things.  And she is able to do this in ways that support the deeper healing." -Laurie Hart

“Having Heather help in our home regularly creates a warm and clean environment that allows me to relax and enjoy my family throughout the stressful week.  We have been friends for years and I can’t imagine not having her as a part of our family!” -Amanda Dufur

"I highly recommend Heather if you are interested in moving energy in your living quarters. She understands the concept of Feng Shui on a deep level. I have just begun working with her and it has already had a great impact on me and my daughter. I think she is a very gifted healer."  -Melissa Moulder Dowd (Doula and Healer)

"I am grateful to you for this amazing temple which you brought forth for me today. The energy in my home is so sweet tonight. Thank you so much, Heather. You did the most amazing job in such a generous and gracious way. Blessings to you. " -Christy Gray


"Heather's comfort and confidence with the reiki teachings comes through in her instruction. She gently guided me through all aspects of the training and was available after my attunements for any questions I had."  -Whisper Laura Prince

"The Reiki training that I have received from you has opened up a whole new aspect of bodywork for me.  I am being able to use Reiki healing during massage with wonderful results.  I am incredibly grateful!"  -Natalie Bayne (Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner)

"I received my Reiki master level training and attunements from Heather this spring. She is such a dear soul--loving, kind, and patient, answering all my questions as we studied, preparing me to take this new step. Receiving the attunements was an intensely profound spiritual experience. I am grateful to have had her as my teacher." -Jennifer  Schildknecht (Chyrsalis Project)


"The card deck readings with Heather were powerful.  Over and over, I received the same message in different variations: opening the 3rd eye, stepping through the portal, healing any self-esteem issues. Sometimes I can be 'thick-headed' and it takes the universe sending me the same message over and over before I get it.  Thank goodness for Heather. If you're willing to hear what the Universe and Spirit are trying to tell you, I highly recommend booking a session." -Gigi Abdel-Samed, MD


"I've made some great memories, special friends and meaningful art pieces at all the women-focused gatherings Heather has hosted. If you haven't experienced the insight and warmth that comes from a women's circle, I strongly encourage you to give it a try." -Penny Alligood

"The women's circles I have attended have been enjoyable, enlightening experience. We used a lot of creative methods to tap into our personal power. Heather created an atmosphere that made you feel comfortable to share and learn." -Mariel Blake (Writer)


"My session with Heather helped to unblock a lot of emotional weight I didn't realize I was carrying. She revealed to me messages from my ancestors that I needed to hear. She is gentle, open hearted and makes you feel comfortable with the process. " Mariel Blake

"My healing sessions with heather have been deeply insightful as well, they have offered affirmation to the unseen forces i feel daily. through our work together, i have gained a deeper confidence in working with my spirit guides & utilizing the support of my ancestral lineage. i leave these sessions fully centered in peace, clarity & sweet connection to source. thank you for sharing your gift, beloved heather <3." Nalu (Massage Therapist, Doula and Healer)


Dear Heather,

Because of significant childhood trauma, I have spent many years attempting to heal, spending considerable time with therapists. Still, I married two abusive husbands, and have now divorced the second.

Some 40 years ago, a good friend became involved in spiritual healing, and I was her student. She assisted me in recognizing the healing ability that I have tried to use in an uplifting way. As a result, I have been aware of the power of healing and of unseen guides who want to help us mature spiritually. It was also during that time that I spent years reading about and comparing major world religions, trying to understand the spirituality that underlies them all.

I became aware of your Shamanic work through my daughter, who after a session with you spoke glowingly of your session with her. As she spoke, I recognized many of the things that I had heard years ago with my spiritual healer friend. Hearing this, it reignited my wish to learn more about healing and spirituality, so I contacted you.

What a powerful session! I recognized the same energy movements that I had been experiencing in meditation for some time, as the distance healing got underway. At one point I felt energy around my heart, at the point where I have been told I sustained heart valve damage due to having rheumatic fever as a child. Additionally, my right foot had been fractured several years ago, and I felt energy there, a vibration and a sensation of warmth. 

Now, a week later, I still feel fragile emotionally, as I continue to confront the issues that surround my childhood traumas. I recognize the necessity to endure the difficult feelings in order to resolve them, and with a growing recognition of the help that is being offered to me by my guides and guardian angels, I will succeed in moving toward greater physical and emotional health.

Bless you, Heather, for your work and your compassion.

Cindy- (Teacher and Healer)